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What can I do for you?

Edit, Mix & Upmix

for Video & Cinema 
for Music Projects & Artists


We edit, mix or up-mix 
any of your audio projects' sources,

(Rushes / Raw Recordings, Pre-Mixes Music, or project files from Unity, Unreal,
Avid, Protools, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Cubase, Logic, Ableton,..)

Deliverables are any known professional format.
Object-or Channel based

for implementation in your project; VR, Games, Cinema, etc.. 

No need to mix twice.

Universal Deliverables.

Music / Sound Design

for Advertising commercials, TV Shows, Games & Applications, Film & Cinema

We design modern & timeless music scores to make your visuals stand out!


Film-scoring, Bruitage, Jingles, Sonic Branding, Bumpers,

Event productions, Custom Sound design, Foley Recordings, Commercials,..




On-set / Mobile / Stage
Dubbing (ADR)


Multi-track recording on location or in the studio.
High-Resolution (up to 384kHz)
Class A pre-amps. 

Voice recordings on request in more than 50 languages
by certified and experienced native speakers from all-over the world!
Custom examples allow you to choose gender, area, accent, timbre, tempo & content!




DVD, BLU-Ray, 
CD Album or Compilation

or any other media carrier.

Indexing, P & Q - Coding, Data management,  Spectral balancing, Peak & RMS-level check-up,  
LUFS measuring, 

Phase issue solving, Dithering, DDP delivery, etc..


(Click here for technical delivery details)






We make sure your master gets integrated properly within your project. 



Personal studio - & project support.
Workshops or school seminars. 


Classes, technical support or setup assistance in any workspace.


Quality Control

Our workflow ensures optimal integration into your final media carrier!


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