What can I do for you?

Edit, Mix & Upmix

for Video & Cinema 
for Music Projects & Artists


We edit, mix or up-mix 
any of your audio projects' sources,

(Rushes / Raw Recordings, Pre-Mixes Music, or project files from Unity, Unreal,
Avid, Protools, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Cubase, Logic, Ableton,..)

Deliverables are any known professional format.
Object-or Channel based

for implementation in your project; VR, Games, Cinema, etc.. 

No need to mix twice.

Universal Deliverables.

Music / Sound Design

for Advertising commercials, TV Shows, Games & Applications, Film & Cinema

We design modern & timeless music scores to make your visuals stand out!


Film-scoring, Bruitage, Jingles, Sonic Branding, Bumpers,

Event productions, Custom Sound design, Foley Recordings, Commercials,..




On-set / Mobile / Stage
Dubbing (ADR)


Multi-track recording on location or in the studio.
High-Resolution (up to 384kHz)
Class A pre-amps. 

Voice recordings on request in more than 50 languages
by certified and experienced native speakers from all-over the world!
Custom examples allow you to choose gender, area, accent, timbre, tempo & content!




DVD, BLU-Ray, 
CD Album or Compilation

or any other media carrier.

Indexing, P & Q - Coding, Data management,  Spectral balancing, Peak & RMS-level check-up,  
LUFS measuring, 

Phase issue solving, Dithering, DDP delivery, etc..


(Click here for technical delivery details)






We make sure your master gets integrated properly within your project. 



Personal studio - & project support.
Workshops or school seminars. 


Classes, technical support or setup assistance in any workspace.


Quality Control

Our workflow is adapted according to the International Standards
ensuring optimal integration into your final media carrier!