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We master CD's according the Red Book Standard,
 which is the standard for audio CDs (Compact Disc Digital Audio system, or CDDA)
so they will play in the most audio CD players.

Optimized mastering chain!

Some Tools:
TC System 6000

Izotope Ozone

We always pick the shortest possible chain, for optimal quality!


Clients will receive an encrypted DDP file with a custom player application
allowing the master to be played and checked before pressing.
DDP files are asked by all pressing companies 
DDP ensures pressing without errors.




Before sending in your tracks for mastering; 

- Ask the mixing engineer to bypass all processing on the master bus before export.

- Name you files as follows: "track number - desired final name"
- Files must be minimum 24bit - 44.1kHz

- The max. total length per audio CD may not exceed 74 minutes!

Please always include a text file with all necessary and related information:
- Track-list and order

- Delivered file-name vs final desired title..

- Info per track (artist,..)

- CD info (Album or Va?, Title, Label name, Release Date..)

Please send all tracks at once

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