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Scope vs Goch


Kamakhya Records


1. Goch - Landscape
2. Goch & Scope - Double Trouble
3. Goch & Forest Bamp - Polaris
4. Goch - Tree Fern
5. Ecko - Maracuja (Goch Remix)
6. Goch - Disambiguation
7. Goch - Microorganisms
8. Goch - Escaped Forces

Track 1, 4, 6, 7, 8 W&P by Vladimir Gochkov
Track 2 W&P by Vladimir Gochkov & Yannick Thiry
Track 3 W&P by Vladimir Gochkov & Bam Verdugo
Track 5 Remix of Kleber Colombini's Track - Maracuja - released on Mighty Quinn Records in 2017

Named after the Tantric Goddess and the benevolent Mother of Nilachal Hills at Guwahati in Northeast India, Kamakhya Records is a not for profit Record Label with all proceeds going to charity. We are not in a hurry, we will keep it pure, and we will definitely push boundaries with committed artists. JOI AAI PSY


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