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Rainbow Circle

Mental Sauce

Rainbow Circle


01. Inzect - Reverbs
02. Odr - Pan Conductor
03. Bubble Guns - Freak Machine
04. Scaltinof & Orochi - Inner Sanctuary
05. Looney - Gabunga v2
06. Nolm - The Green Sea (Sonic RMX)
07. Scope - Pandemonium
08. Quip Tone Beatz - Graythm
09. AnnoyingNinjas - Jollywood
10. Nge Duo - The Soundtrack of Relief

"Mental Sauce Records" are proud to announce their next compilation "Rainbow Circle". Mental Sauce has laid their latest egg and is ready to indulge you in a sonic journey thru time and space with their first physical release. This eccentric collection of tracks has been gathered during the last 2 years and is specially selected for their odd and alternative qualities. Please lean back and enjoy the show as the sauce flows gently in your direction!


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