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Yannick Thiry's

Progressive Yoga

Disapproved Records

Progressive Yoga

"Progressive Yoga"

Genre: Minimal Progressive Psy
8 Tracks
Total playing time: 70:10.107

1. Alchemy Stage Dive 09:09
2. Look Around 08:40
3. Mellowdic 11:02
4. Beam of Light 06:06
5. New Trance Wave 06:21
6. Tjil 06:07
7. No Ratio 13:46
8. Elegy 08:53

This album is a collection of minimal progressive trance beats with a psytrance touch here and there.

A "must-have" album for Dj's who like minimal, progressive or ultra-minimalistic psytrance.
The combination of atmospherical sounds and micro-drums is one to relax or to trance on.
No imposing melodies, just deep lush flows.

The story unfolds from a trance- & progressive-minded sound to a more evolved and slightly more powerful sound.
Ideal music for your sets on the groovy beach or alchemy stage, a lounge, or a fancy bar.
Trance meditation somehow

All tracks written & produced by Yannick Thiry


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