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Chronicle of Mystery Records


01. Ka-Sol - Plural
02. Nirmanakayas - X-Aler
03. The Grobians - Twisted Discodance
04. Battle Of The Future Buddhas - Bodyhit
05. Zoon - Psychonauts
06. Schoiroideairis - When the Goblins Comes
07. Extomorph - Discovery of Forest Symphony
08. Scope - Modelayered
09. Makadam - Vulcan Mind Meld
10. Bloomen - Korkmind

From the deep mysterious forest, the instrumentarium of the obscure forestial occurrences and entities slowly creep in on you. Can you hear it? There, it begun, it lures you in, it overtakes you, it mesmerizes you, it impels you to enjoy…


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