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Bardo Realm Navigators

Visionary Shamanics Records

Bardo Realm Navigators

1. ANTONYMOUS - Binary Labyrinth 08:06
2. GRAINFUNGUS & MADIANBRAINS - Shamanic Rituals 07:37
3. CONFO - Two Steps Behind 08:25
4. FROG - Green Tales 07:04
5. D.O.D - Anti Wompa 07:24
6. NOISE GUST vs ECTOGASMICS - The Valve 07:43
7. SCOPE - Based On True Events 04:59
8. BIOPHOTONS - You Think You Are The One 07:00
9. MALKAVIAM - LA Oscura Ceremonia 07:22
10. SPAGETTIBRAIN - Bardo (Open Your Eyes) 07:12
11. SUSHUPITI vs TWISTED KALA - Upscale Theory 06:42

VISIONARY SHAMANICS RECORDS is proud to present their

Twisted and turbulent, a colorful flux dissolves the reality of a distant universe. As the world shakes, a strange aura erupts from the passionate minds of cosmic architects. Bit by bit, they rebuild the land that surrounds them in a brilliant collaboration. The typical soon becomes the magical. The expected evolves into the unpredictable. An organic chant erupts from the gathering, oscillating vibrations never before witnessed. Perplexed by creation, the laws of existence bend. The wizards beckon forth the dawn of a new age and shout into the suns. They dance together in a mighty roar, altering the tides of time. A shimmering portal rips open, surrendering all to the majestic Navigators of the Bardo Realm. They now invite us into their kingdom, where incredible sounds are born.

Prepare yourself for a truly unique experience, elegantly compiled by Spacepops and Mystical Voyager with the well known Visionary Shamanics label. With a strong focus on Forest and darkpsy elements, Bardo Realm Navigators brings together dedicated artists from all over...

released May 24, 2014

Compiled by - Spacepops (India) & Mystical Voyager
Poetry by Mystical Voyager - UK
Mastering by Markus @ Overdream Studio - Ukraine
Visionary art by Hakan Hisim - Turkey
Intro by Nick Sumbles - USA


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