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Yannick Thiry

We Are One Festival


Antwerp, Belgium

After 13 years of organising the biggest indoor psytrance parties, B2B Productions decided that it is time for a new chapter in our book. So we are proud to announce that this summer on the 9th of july, we will treat all our fans and fans to be with a one day festival somewhere in the periphery of Antwerp. This day festival, called We Are One, will be a rehearsal for a grandiose three day festival in the summer of 2017.
You can stay up to date about the We Are One festival by liking our fb page and group, check our website from time to time and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. You can always find more info at

♫ Full On & Progressive Stage ♫

✪ X-noiZe (X7M Records | Israel)

✪ Major7(Official) (X7M Records | Israel)

✪ D_Maniac (Global Army Music | Portugal)

✪ Brain Hunters (Global Army Music | Mexico)

✪ Re-Twin (Bounce Recordings | Russia)

✪ SynSUN (B2B | Ukraine)

✪ JACKIE WHITE (B2B | Ukraine)


✹ Yannick Thiry (aka. Scope Psytrance - Lost Theory Records prog set)
✹ DJ Guadaloop (B2B Prod. | Brazil)
✹ Dj Firaga (B2B Prod.BE)
✹ R'Deem (B2B /Purple Snow Prod.BE)
✹ Dj Fluofreax (Lucid Spirit rec.NL)
✹ Dj Smokonut (B2B Prod.BE)

♫ Oldskool Stage:
(in coorperation with Suntrip records) ♫

✪ Juan Verdera - The Muses Rapt (Live) Spain
✪ Etnica (Live) Spain
✪ Imba (Suntrip rec. | Serbia)
✪ Ephedra (Live) (Goa Madness.BE)

DJ's :

✹ GhostOnAcid (Suntrip rec. | Germany)
✹ Lynx aka Binary Bliss (Suntrip rec.BE)
✹ Dj Kuririn (Goa Madness.BE)
✹ Metamorphosis - (Dimensional (oldskool set)

early birds :15 euro (only 250 !!) starts 01/03/16
normal birds: 20 euro (starts 01/06/16)
at the gate : 25 euro

▷► DECO by Omicron and Phaidon
▷► VISUALS and 3D mapping by

▷► EXTRA: There will be:
Market Area,
Food Stand: Bar Leopard, Meike Schuringa, B Van de Klundert
Cocktail bar: Magiq Spiegeltent
Art: Karolien Chromiak, Pascal Janssen, Dennis Raymaekers
Yoga: Danny Bourgeois
Acro Yoga: Bart Adins and Christina Markouli from AcroPlay -
Tai Chi: Mike Claes
Face Painters: Annabelle Huijsdens
Henna painters: Tiny Van Den Wijngaert, Luka Van Royen

If people are interested to put a stand, please contact us (pm).
More info and updates will follow on:

our website:
But prepare yourself for this one ! ! !
The Early Birds will be available the 16TH OF MARCH.

Location : spiegeltent antwerpen

booking requests can be sent here

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