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MusiCafé Leuven

13 December
@ Music Café Leuven

-WHRIKK (Sanaton, Parvati, etc..The Netherlands) LIVE (
(Whrikk is Matthijs Van Der Geest.
Conceived and delivered in Riffa. Now residing on the moist nether-flats of Haarlem.
Grew up in a nest of classical and jazzy notes… but those harmonic melodies made way for satanic riff’s ‘n grunts in death-metal. Later absorbed by the magic, power and mystery of psychedelic conjurations. He started experimenting on electronics a couple of years ago as udderrkropunsy.
In Whrikk’s compositions some things are not what they seem. Multiple strange beings reside within the bass for warmth.
Large and viscious signals muffled by green smoke, have been heard from the peaks of the many riffs and rhythms, which makes their way through weird time & space durin’ track length)

-Mind Distortion System (Lycantrop Records, Portugal)
-Scope (Lost Theory Records, Eargasm, Belgium)
-Lepton (Lost Theory Records, Belgium)
-Aguila (Progress, Belgium)

Decoration by
& Mystical Forest

10 € entrance
Doors open @ 22h
Limited capacity (550p) !!!
We recommend you to purchase your pre-sale tickets well in advance
@ Friitz, Oude Markt 17, Leuven
Please mail your full name and preferred date.

FULL = FULL !!! Be in time!

Music Café, Munstraat 5, 3000 Leuven

And NO; It will not be "DARK" music all the time.
That is not what the flyer suggested..
Every evening will guide you trough a wide spectrum of styles within the psytrance genre.

booking requests can be sent here

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