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Karacus Marakus V



Welcome to the 5th Anniversary of Karacus Marakus.

5 years ago, we were inspired to start this incredible gathering in North Goa that operates with an expansive defination of Psytrance Music and its sub genre's.For this,our 5th season,those values will be on full display once again featuring Musicians / Artists / Dj's & Performers from throughout the globe.

Over 5 years,however,the greatest achievement of KM is the community created by the audiences,volunteers & artists .
Musicians may not be able to perform a surgery or put out fires, but there are times when a gathering like this can heal a mortal wound or dispel the dark clouds for a while and make life worth living.
That is what you,the supporters of Karacus Marakus have given to this community,to each other,for five years and counting. And,as the founders, that is what u have given to us, Thankyou!

- Karacus Marakus crew

Official Sonic Loom music Label Showcase.
Official Parvati Records 20 Year's Anniversary.
Official Real Vision Music 10 Year's Anniversary.
Official Ulterior Motive Records Gathering at Karacus Marakus V.
Powered by : Pralayah Records & Ulterior Motive Records


ZikOre - Sonic Loom
Orestis - Sonic Loom
ZIK - Sonic Loom
Muscaria - Sonic Loom
DarkElf - Sonic Loom
ZikOre (Polyphonia Tribute)
Atriohm - Parvati Records
Farebi Jalebi - Parvati Records
Jahbo - Parvati Records
Gridlord Gidra - Parvati Records
Archaic - Parvati Records
Arjuna - Parvati Records
Megalopsy - Dark Prizma Records
Mysterion - Dark Prizma Records
Ianuaria (official) - Lost Theory Records
Strange Kaos - GoanMantra Records
Kaos - Insomnia Records
Stranger - Pralayah Records
Malice in Wonderland - Pralayah Records
Bubbleguns - Pralayah Records /DSP
Scope - Pralayah Records
Karran Khanna - Deviant Force Records
Nyctophungi - Ulterior Motive Records
Menterama - Ulterior Motive Records
Mik-Ha - Ulterior Motive Records
Haemogoblin - Anomalistic Records
Golomp - Grimm Records
Del Torto - Grimm Records
Noizebug - Yggdrasil Records
Noise Gust - Milega Records
Maleficium - Pleiadian Records

DJ Sets:

Giuseppe parvati-records
Ordo Ab Chao - Sonic Loom Music
Tadayan - Digital Shiva Power
Rami - Real Vision Music
DeV - Kamino Records
Namroll - The Cure
K.T - Parvati Records
Dj Mikel Parvati Records
Hide - Milega Records
Dj Starling Goa - Hilltop Records
Naima - Sangoma Records
DJ Tsubi - Sangoma Records
Djane Psynonima - Atman Tribe
PHILOSO - Kamino Records
Serena - Urban Antidote
GABAA - Omveda Records
Martian De - Shunyata Records
Mike Akida - Free Earth Festival
Risk - Pralayah Records
360 Degree - Pralayah Records

Decor - Hybrid UV
Sound System - Void Acoustics
Photography & Videography by Suraj Mohandas

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#mahashivratri #keepgoaclean #karacusmarakus #pralayahrecords

booking requests can be sent here

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