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High Frequencies
Funkadelic Trip


Bazaar, Brussels, Belgium

High Frequencies | 30.09..2016 | 100% Psychedelic
Two rooms filled with Goa Trance, Psytrance, Full On, Forest, Dark, Nithzo in the center of Brussels with a limited capacity of 500 peoples.

╰დ╮Line Up ╭დ╯

ॐ Fungus Funk (Ru) - (Sangoma Records) ॐ

ॐ E-Mantra (Ro) - (Suntrip Records) ॐ

ॐ DigiCult (Dacru Records) ॐ

ॐ Scope (Lost Theory Records) ॐ

ॐ Hashashin (GreenTree Records)ॐ

ॐ Dj Sebidelica(Psysky rec-,Unio Mystica) ॐ

ॐ Asmik (Goa Madness Records) ॐ

ॐ Lotus (Sita Records) ॐ

ॐ ElfRa aka Quendi'Ra (Mossy Behavior) ॐ

VJ Fukushiva

☛ Center of Brussels
☛ Capacity Limited to 500 peoples
☛ Cloakroom available
☛ Free UV sticks & painting
☛ +18
☛ No own drinks
☛ No dogs

booking requests can be sent here

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