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Dimension Extension
Part 2


London, UK

Biosynthetics would like to invite you to extend your dimension once again for our gathering on the 19th September 2015.
As before, we would like to showcase some of the best artists from abroad as well as featuring some of our beloved familiar faces from the London scene.
Also as before, we will be offering this party for free - all that is required is you bring your smiling faces and good vibes.

Here is our line up.



Derango (Sanaton Records)

Kasatka (Damaru Records / Alice-D Records)

Fagin's Reject (Wildthings Records)

Ataro (Damaru Records)

Scope (Lost Theory Records)

ZZ Bing (Subsystem Records)

Jötunn (Treetrolla Records)


Samsara (Damaru Records / Random Records / Vantara Vichitra Records)
UK Debut!

Full Lotus (Mushroom Hunters)

Psykia (Vantara Vichitra / Temple Twisters / Milega Records)

Vishwaatmaaa (Vantara Vichitra / Gloom Music)
UK Debut!

Yuga (C.O.R)

Set times:
00:00 - Yuga
01:00 - Ataro
02:00 - Samsara
03:30 - Kasatka
05:30 - Psykia
07:00 - Derango
09:00 - Scope
10:30 - Full Lotus
12:00 - Fagins Reject
13:30 - ZZ Bing
15:00 - Jötunn
16:00 - Vishwaatmaaa


Turbo Sound


Temple creations - Canopy- Uk debut

Hyper Icons - Backdrops

Conarium Visuals - String art

Psyentific Visualizations - Vj/lighting/chill out deco

booking requests can be sent here

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