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Topsy Turvy 3

Mental Sauce

Topsy Turvy 3

1. BGOS vs. Igbooga - Microdoses 09:38

2. Imamu - Debris 06:50

3. Scope - Hippietized 09:35

4. Hentaicamera Man & Oppy - Hengokubatake 08:10

5. Tots - An Gnome Came To My Home 07:31

"Topsy Turvy III" is the newest compilation by the Japanese psychedelic trance label "Mental Sauce".

Being the 3th release in the "Topsy Turvy" series, the sage continous,

leaving you some true forestly psychedelic flavours.

A combination of established as well as upcoming artists will make this trip a diverse

and compelling story for you to taste and play at any forest party.

Released June 17, 2018

Mastered by Monno@Bimmelim-Soundlabs
Artworks by Cle Cosinus
Compiled by Mental Sauce


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