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Integral Seeds ૐ
Secret Forest
Folk Moot



Boogie Woogie in collaboration The Peaking Duck Collective present:
Integral seeds :: Full Moon Harvest Edition

14th September 2019 in a Secret Forest
London - United Kingdom

Featuring the finest Psytrance such as:

>> Freeform Syndicate ***UK Live debut*** (Yggdrasil Records / Norway)

>> Hutti Heita ***UK Album debut*** (Yggdrasil Records / Norway)

>> Loke "Live" (Yggdrasil Records / Norway)

>> Akkma "Live" ***First time in London*** (Funky Freaks Records / France)

>> Rami***First time in London***(Real Vision Music / Germany)

>> Horuscope***First Time in London*** (Painted Chaos Project)

>> Astral Labyrinth "Live" (Oktoom recs)

>> Noein "Live" (The Peaking Duck Collective/ Catar records / Darknox recs)

>> Jötunn "Live" (Treetrolla Records)

>> Scope Dj set (Lost Theory Records / Pralayah Records / Belgium)

>> Fluoelf (Woo-Dog Recordings / Uroboros Records)

>> Full Lotus ( The Peaking Duck Collective / Boogie Fest Resident)

>> Mark Day (The Peaking Duck Collective / Blue Hour Sounds)

>> Serena (The Peaking Duck Collective / Urban Antidote)

>> Sounds and That (Shantidelic Records)

☮☮☮ Hakuna Matata Acoustic stage and live bands ☮☮☮
☮ One Ground (Reggae duo)
☮ Gado Gado (Live band)
☮ Akasha Experience "Live" (Shanti planti)
☮ Feather (HAkuna matata)
☮ Nogoa (Medulla oblongata music)
☮ Jamming and drumming circle

ૐ Sound system by The Psychedelic Way
ૐ Full 3d Uv Decor by Verticon Decoration
ૐ Full Uv lighting and laser show by Spectral lighting
ૐ Free camping area & picnic
ૐ Cocktails, Cafe, Ice cream, magical tea, bbq, pizzas, vegan food
ૐ Jugglers & fire performers
ૐ & more to be revealed

>>> Advanced tickets available now:

> Please keep it clean & help us keep the forest tidy!
> Respect the locals & wild life.
> Help us clear up the space afterwards, bring bags and take care of your own rubbish.

Bring your drums, flutes, guitars, tents, parrots and let's make it a weekend to remember!!!! ૐ

"The Divine is in his essence infinite and his manifestation too is multitudinously infinite. If that is so, it is not likely that our true integral perfection in being and in nature can come by one kind of realization alone; it must combine many different strands of divine experience. It cannot be reached by the exclusive pursuit of a single line of identity till that is raised to its absolute; it must harmonize many aspects of the Infinite. An integral consciousness with a multiform dynamic experience is essential for the complete transformation of our nature"

booking requests can be sent here

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