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Yannick Thiry



Club Simplon, Groningen


Gen6 (Planet B.E.N Rec. Sweden)
Mad Contrabender (Medijum Rec. NL)

Sally doolally (Plastik Park Rec. UK )
Paulina Cewe (Planet B.E.N Rec Sweden)
Poli Psy ( NL
Clare (Psypicnic) UK
Yannick Thiry vs Psy vader (Yndyqa) BE
Scoul vs Erzo (Psynami) NL
Flumo (Beataddict) UK

La Snapage NL
The Sleeper NL
Dub WiZe NL
Penguin NL

Fun Plastica (DE)

Hello Party Freaks For those who missed
Chaotic Theory Last year @ Simplon which was the Far out most best held party in Simplon on Psytrance Experience...This is your oppurtunity to have a exelent evening..!!!...We the Creators of Chaotic theory and even the Some of the Psynami crew members will do our best to let, live the psytrance Scene in it's Best To cellebrate A night of full on Progressive and Psychedelic Dance music in it's Existence of the Far Northern City Groningen...Between Hamburg and Amsterdam.So we Hope you will experience this "Cubicular" Edition........With us and join this evening...With all those involved Creators,Artist and Party people.....Of the Far North in this tiny
litlle Country....On this Big Party Planet.....The Cubicular Crew.....

Simplon...Boterdiep 69 Groningen. ( Netherlands )

booking requests can be sent here

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